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nana / нана
имя существительное
one's grandmother.
‘I'd like to dedicate this to my nanna ,’ he said after extending his career record to 21 wins.
My nana had seven primary cancers and they started I think in her early 50s and she survived to about 73.
I attended Catholic school with young Polish girls and my mother introduced me to the wonders of Greece while my nana stayed at home and prayed the rosary.
Long-gone is the nana of yesteryear, and with it the traditional image of grandmas at home, knitting over-sized cardigans and baking pies.
My nana used to crush nasty pills up into a spoonful of jam.
And I forgot to say that one of my favourite, favourite exclamations is the one that I've only heard my nana , and latterly my mother, say.
I slept over my nana 's last night and brought everything.
‘Okay, see you tomorrow, I love you,’ he hugs me then hugs my nana .
She was doing fine living with her nana and grandpa.
His parents always called his nana or papa when he became sick.
Saying she draws her culinary inspiration from her mum and her nana , Lisa is responsible for bread, biscuits and chocolates at the hotel as well as designing all the sweet menus.