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namely / а именно, именно, то есть
а именно
namely, specifically, to wit, videlicet, scilicet
exactly, namely, precisely, just, videlicet
то есть
that is, that is to say, namely, to wit, scilicet, videlicet
that is to say; to be specific (used to introduce detailed information or a specific example).
to me there is only one kind of rock, namely, loud rock
If you do that, the body will have no choice but to turn to other sources of energy, namely stored fat.
It is bored with just doing history and it wants more subjects, namely biology and Latin.
Investing overseas also introduces an extra level of risk, namely that of currency risk.
However, of late they have been used for an altogether different purpose namely as a dumping ground.
They also receive full social benefits, namely national insurance and health coverage.
I love how certain themes pop up in all of his movies, namely the sanctity of nature.
Romose analysed the productivity of mosses at a very specific site, namely on rocks.
to me there is only one kind of rock, namely, loud rock
So you're not the biggest geek here, there's someone here just as big a geek as you - namely , me!
They do not foresee the triggers for a crash, namely a sharp rise in interest rates or a dive into recession.