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nail-biting / привычка грызть ногти, бесполезное занятие
имя существительное
привычка грызть ногти
бесполезное занятие
имя прилагательное
грызущий ногти
A nail-biting final ten minutes saw both tiring sides slugging it out in the middle of the pitch for supremacy.
No jostling for the lead, no mid-race tension, no nail-biting finish.
As they advance through the playoffs, the basketball staff looks forward to a nail-biting final between the two teams.
‘It was clear to our operators at the works that fans dare not leave their seats as the final came to nail-biting climax,’ the spokesman added.
And, of course, it means relinquishing power in due course - but going gently into that good night, rather than after some final, nail-biting showdown.
The upshot is a scene of hilarious, nail-biting tension.
They had to endure almost constant second half pressure, wasting countless opportunities to ease the nail-biting tension and, quite frankly, inviting trouble.
But actual nail-biting tension is something of a lost art among the newest members of Hollywood's hacks.
After weeks of gruelling auditions and nail-biting tension, millions of fans tuned in on Saturday night as the final 10 boys and 10 girls were announced.
Then throw in a nail-biting final against a team from Switzerland, a country best known for making chocolate and cuckoo clocks, and the result is a moment of pure British sporting glory.