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nail-biter / ногтей-кусающееся
имя существительное
a situation causing great anxiety or tension.
a nail-biter of a victory
Well, I think he would have lost, but I think it would have been yet another nail-biter as well.
This game was a sellout and a nail-biter , making the for the most exciting possible finish.
Early on in Saturday's game, it appeared as though the Warriors were going to repeat their previous achievement, but the game quickly became a nail-biter .
The grand finale is a nail-biter through a 14-mile, steep-cliffed gorge.
This game was a trial run of the first semi-final next week and it should turn out to be a nail-biter in good football tradition.
a nail-biter of a victory
It's an absorbing enough match, without being a total nail-biter .
The book ‘never even resembles a nail-biter ,’ said one. ‘Just too tame,’ said another.
This is a genuine nail-biter and, upon occasion, stomach-turner.
The fight on the cable car is still a nail-biter .