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nah / неа
But nah , we'll just give the rich folks a tax break and put 11,000 people out of work.
It had a wonderful scent, but… nah , just too strong for my tastes.
Rest assured, I'll probably mention it again, but tonight, nah !
And what you saw today was people taking on that challenge and saying nah , it's not impossible, I'm gonna try.
Maybe if it was on TV, and you were bored… nah , there'd be something better on another channel.
But actual stews… nah , I don't really like them that much.
They're the people you meet and you say, nah , this would never work, and you push them away.
Oh boy… I wonder if she knows… nah , it's impossible.
What I find sort of weird is that… nah , I don't want to say.
Nope, the neckline's too low… nah , wrong color… plastic?