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naff / сматываться, выметаться, уматывать
mosey, naff
get out, clear out, naff, shake out
get out, naff, skidoo, skiddoo
имя прилагательное
unfashionable, naff, dowdy, dowdyish
имя прилагательное
lacking taste or style.
This may sound naff , but I hold it to my heart and tell her I love her.
go away.
she told press photographers to naff off
Celebrity endorsements have always been naff and frequently backfire horribly.
Their monologues, pretentious, thick or plain naff , provide a sort of alternative history for the age of celebrity.
It's a place I feel a little funny about, because when I was in my teens and early 20s, there was no shop more naff on the high street.
For a naff makeover lifestyle show, there was something about it which was really rather heartwarming.
However, while this sounds like a naff publicity seeking idea, we really rather like it.
Of all his naff hairstyles, there was a general agreement this was the naffest.
Just reading the tracklisting convinces you it's going to be naff .
she told press photographers to naff off
Ok, so stuffed eggs are a bit naff and seventies, but they still taste good!
It will instead become a source of genteel relaxation for the new middle classes, who find pub culture naff and club culture exhausting.