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nae / нае
Mam still runs the Black Dog, and she'd be sure chuffed if ye did nae stop in for a drink.
I've nae money to get us out of this but we all know that.
‘Aye, it's nae a bad beer at all,’ said one drinker.
But that was nothing to what Allan Wilson got when he moaned: ‘How can I eat this fish when there's nae chips.’
Anyway, a deal has been struck, the cash handed over and so the thousands, nae millions, of devoted fans can get their regular fix of this rubbish.
We just call it the new stuff, and the new stuff is nae golf.
If that's the case I can understand why my mum and dad split up because there was nae money in the house, simple as that.
A member of the public famously captured the essence of his personality when he said: ‘The thing I like about you is that you have nae dignity.’