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nabob / набоб
имя существительное
имя существительное
a Muslim official or governor under the Mogul empire.
She is his insurance beneficiary; the rest of the nabob 's once substantial wealth has mysteriously evaporated.
The Natchez nabob bought government bonds that yielded an annual income of $12,600 in the late 1850s.
Hager is an Asburian nabob ; his elderly father is a past president of the college, and Hager himself currently sits on his alma mater's board of trustees.
For the next eight years he ceased to exhibit and lived the life of a nabob in Cairo.
He died in 1790, having made a living as a government propagandist and a fortune as agent of the nabob of Arcot.
Visram explains, ‘Indian servants were a symbol of the exalted status of the newly enriched India returned nabob .’
It may be true that there are among Buddhist mendicants, living on alms in dirt and penury, some who feel perfectly happy and do not envy any nabob .
She is happily married to an Irish nabob , Eamon, whose Midas touch makes even his goyishness forgivable.
It dawned on me that all the friends I had made, all two of them, were nabobs , and both had magnanimity.
The most endangered predators he meets are Indian lions, which were once protected by Indian nabobs but now threaten local livestock and compete with the populace for scarce resources.