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nab / арестовать, стащить, поймать на месте преступления
arrest, nab, bust, nail, pick up, take in charge
sneak, pull off, filch, snatch, nick, nab
поймать на месте преступления
имя существительное
hammer, cock, dog, nab
catch (someone) doing something wrong.
Olympic drug tests nabbed another athlete yesterday
National Association of Broadcasters.
And now here we have a police spokesperson saying, ‘No, we wanted to nab him not because of what he did, but because of what he might do.’
Sex, death, love, religion and coffee are all present and correct, bustling and jostling with each other as if attempting to nab a good seat in a particularly packed cinema.
It is even sometimes possible to nab an emergency-exit seat with extra legroom.
I nab a seat nearby Jessie and make sure that there aren't any wandering hands.
The man falls in his own trap when cops set out to nab him.
The prize, set at €100,000, is one of the richest literary bonanzas to nab .
In a murky turn that's never fully explained, we learn that Canadian immigration authorities want to nab her, as she's in the country illegally.
A bit of nosing around behind the curtains helped us nab seats in the second row for the best view.
Many reasons are being attributed for the failure to nab him.
He reached into the trunk of the taxi and grabbed his suitcase, nabbing the bottle.