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mystique / таинственность, тайны мастерства
имя существительное
mysteriousness, mystique, weirdness, occultness
тайны мастерства
имя существительное
a fascinating aura of mystery, awe, and power surrounding someone or something.
the West is lately rethinking its cowboy mystique
We are left with a line-up which is fresh, appealing and not without its fair share of mystique .
He is still shrouded in mystique - but he is no longer quite such a mystery.
Much mystery and mystique surrounds opinion polling and focus groups conducted for political parties.
As a child, there was some mystique associated with a power outage.
the mystique surrounding the monarchy
Perhaps it is a sign of the home team finally losing its mystique , and most importantly, its aura of invincibility.
The legal system's terms and mystique create an impression of complexity and unapproachability.
Or perhaps it was the aura of alchemical mystique that surrounds the whole idea of breadmaking?
Do you ever sit back and laugh at the mystery or mystique that surrounds you?
Its mystique and appeal will grow with the passage of time every time you see it.