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mystify / мистифицировать, озадачивать, вводить в заблуждение
mystify, bamboozle, spoof, hoax, gag, green
puzzle, perplex, bewilder, baffle, mystify, amuse
вводить в заблуждение
mislead, deceive, delude, misguide, misinform, mystify
utterly bewilder or perplex (someone).
maladies that have mystified and alarmed researchers for over a decade
Formal studies are often unrealistic because the informal level is crucial to politics, while official language and procedures legitimate or mystify hidden biases.
lawyers who mystify the legal system so that laymen find it unintelligible
As he proceeds, the city's forms and angles confuse and mystify him.
I know that they want to mystify the legal process by using complex terms.
The things that prompt responses from readers constantly mystify me.
The elaborate metaphors and dense prose could be said to mystify or obscure the material conditions being described, shifting attention from the state of human injury to the ornateness of the language in which it is rendered.
I can't figure out why he's popular in New York City, but then New Yorkers still mystify me.
Morgan manages to mystify people without even trying.
However, one thing that does mystify me is that a club could sack their manager and make no public statement on the matter.
The Crop Circle phenomenon continues to mystify scientists and the public alike.