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mystery / тайна, таинство, мистерия
имя существительное
secret, mystery, secrecy, privacy, arcanum, privity
sacrament, mystery, ordinance
mystery, mystery-play
имя прилагательное
mysterious, mystery, mystical, mystic, weird, cryptic
имя существительное
something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain.
the mysteries of outer space
a novel, play, or movie dealing with a puzzling crime, especially a murder.
Thrillers, mysteries and crime novels are perennial favorites for summertime reading.
the secret rites of Greek and Roman pagan religion, or of any ancient or tribal religion, to which only initiates are admitted.
His Protrepticus is a copious source of information about the Greek mysteries , though his wish to represent them as a perversion of Scriptural teachings must have led to misrepresentation.
a religious belief based on divine revelation, especially one regarded as beyond human understanding.
the mystery of Christ
a handicraft or trade.
Once that is understood, other mysteries solve themselves.
What keeps people hunting these things is the air of mystery that surrounds them - which is all too easily dispelled.
Those initiated into the satanic mysteries were all given some sort of physical mark, such as a claw mark under the left eye.
Egyptian mystery religion is basically Greco-Roman mysteries , a series of initiation rites.
A phone call later confirmed the identity of the mystery ingredient, but staff should be briefed on this at the start of the day.
Blackpool have yet to reveal the identity of the mystery man who came so close to signing last week.
The darkness lends an air of mystery and foreboding.
Meanwhile, Emerson says he's amused by the number of people who tell him they think writing mysteries and thrillers must be a very exciting job.
When we came to understand the customs of this extraordinary people the mystery was explained.
A further clarification of the mystery man's identity still elicited a blank response.