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myriad / мириады, несчетное число, десять тысяч
имя существительное
несчетное число
десять тысяч
имя прилагательное
countless, innumerable, uncountable, infinite, numberless, myriad
myriad, innumerable, overwhelming, infinite, immeasurable, unnumbered
имя прилагательное
countless or extremely great in number.
the myriad lights of the city
имя существительное
a countless or extremely great number.
networks connecting a myriad of computers
(chiefly in classical history) a unit of ten thousand.
Hundreds of events have been organised including a myriad of workshops, themed walks, concerts, performances and films.
The games seem simple, but the myriad ways of betting and sheer number of games to play can be daunting.
The Civil War has generated a myriad of publications that address the interests of its devotees.
From the earliest days of childhood, the brain is subjected to a myriad of input, from countless sources.
Lighted candles of myriad colors gathered in a large circle, and a stick of incense stood in the center.
Between these extremes are a myriad of topics that might work if properly presented.
They jumped over countless hedges and a myriad of small streams and barbed wire, all set up to prevent what was happening now.
All in all, the myriad choices offer extreme varieties for the look of your character - making it almost certain that your look will be unique.
News that two young East Yorkshire men are set to become dot com millionaires will provoke a myriad of reactions.
These include a myriad assortment of insects, arachnids, rodents, and the occasional raccoon.