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myopia / близорукость, миопия
имя существительное
myopia, near-sightedness, short-sightedness, short sight, purblindness, near-sight
имя существительное
Astigmatism may occur with myopia or hyperopia.
Astigmatism may occur with myopia or hyperopia.
The medical name for short-sightedness is myopia .
The Romans considered myopia a permanent defect that reduced the market value of a slave.
And while intellectual hyperopia gets in the way of first class, specialised academic work, intellectual myopia is a more pernicious and widespread affliction of intellectual life today.
The difference between political and religious leadership has blurred due to which the nation as a whole is affected gravely by myopia .
And so we found an association between this opacity at the back of the lens and short-sightedness, or myopia .
The result is a sort of national and cultural myopia .
historians have been censured for their myopia in treating modern science as a western phenomenon
Apart from testing the eye, they supply booklets detailing eye care with particular reference to refractive errors such as myopia , hypermetropia and astigmatism.
It reeks of the typical psychology and myopia of the supposed intellectually and militarily powerful.