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muzzle / морда, намордник, дуло
имя существительное
muzzle, snout, mug, snoot
muzzle, barrel, mouth
имя прилагательное
надевать намордник
заставить молчать
имя существительное
the projecting part of the face, including the nose and mouth, of an animal such as a dog or horse.
She handed treats over the fence to five horses and caressed their muzzles , then turned to wave to journalists before heading inside again.
the open end of the barrel of a firearm.
Never point the muzzle of your firearm at yourself or anyone else, even if it is unloaded.
put a muzzle on (an animal).
‘She should have muzzled her dog,’ Mr Millard said.
I nodded and outstretched my hand, petting the muzzle of the horse, letting it get used to me before I swung myself up on its bare back.
If they are of the opinion that their dog is safe - that it is not like all the other dogs - then the only requirement is that they muzzle the dog when it is in the public arena.
It is a short mammal with rounded ears and a long muzzle .
The early designs consisted of a cup which was fitted onto the muzzle of a rifle.
He seemed sad that she was kept in a cage day in and day out with a muzzle on her mouth to keep her from harming the visitors.
He pushed the door open with the muzzle of his shotgun, his finger sliding off the exterior of the trigger guard to curl around the trigger.
Travis raised the muzzle and held the shotgun across his body.
Most species have relatively small heads with short, pointed or semipointed, erect ears and a relatively long, pointed muzzle .
Other communities place restrictions on owners, such as requiring that they carry liability insurance or muzzle their pets in public.
It simply means that people will have to muzzle those dogs when they take them out in public.