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mutualism / мутуализм, взаимовыгодный симбиоз, мютюэлизм
имя существительное
взаимовыгодный симбиоз
имя существительное
the doctrine that mutual dependence is necessary to social well-being.
Israeli credit cooperatives are a likely population to generate ideological mutualism for the coops.
The fungus and alga of the lichen enjoy the symbiotic relationship of mutualism , each giving the other something that is required.
Exploitation should be replaced by the mutualism of free producers helping each other and aided by free credit.
Idealists believe that they represent the new face of mutualism - a modern form for the ideals of the co-operative movement - while there were those who argued for the benefits of putting local people in control of their hospitals.
It is significant that immigrants invariably chose Irish Catholic friends to act as sponsors where immediate relatives were unavailable, thereby placing these fictive ties on the same level as familial mutualism .
This suggests that the relationship is one of mutualism .
The federal government likes to talk about reciprocal obligation and mutualism .
This alternative standard resided in a skilled worker's competence and the mutualism of workplace and union and sanctioned both moderate drinking and a degree of roughness.
Clearly fraternal mutualism was effective for meeting some of the economic needs for many non-whites and poorer members of American society.
The closest thing he was capable of was mutualism and even that was a stretch and a rarity.
It is a case of mutualism , says Rick Daley, the museum's executive director.