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mutton / баранина, баран, овца
имя существительное
ram, sheep, mutton
sheep, ewe, jumbuck, mutton
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
the flesh of sheep, especially mature sheep, used as food.
roast mutton
Sausage, pork, beef, mutton , chicken, and dried or salted fish are widely available and relatively cheap.
The main traditional foods of the Mongols include beef, mutton , and milk products, supplemented by grain and vegetables.
Next came a course of chicken in rich sauces followed by another course of either beef, mutton or ham.
Most meat is mutton , although beef, chicken, turkey, and goat are also eaten.
It was made with beef, mutton , raisins, currants, prunes, wine and mixed spices.
The best food to have is mutton , eaten by hand, or an entire goat.
The dinner would consist of roast beef, roast mutton , roast pork, and vegetables, plum puddings, Christmas cake, and tea, and would be served to about 1,200 poor people.
Couscous, a dish made with granulated seminola grains, is usually topped with mutton , veal, or beef and a variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, turnips, and pimentos.
The document reveals that the bishop's menu would have included a range of meats, from mutton and beef to veal, geese, rabbit, duck and lamb.
Beef, mutton , pork and venison were common meats, and communities close to the coast could expect to widen their diets with fish and shellfish.