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mutter / бормотать, бурчать, говорить тихо
mumble, mutter, murmur, babble, burble, gibber
mutter, grumble, mumble, bubble
говорить тихо
speak low, mutter, breathe
имя существительное
muttering, mumbling, murmuring, mutter, mumble, babble
grunt, nagging, growl, grumble, grunting, mutter
отдаленные раскаты
имя существительное
a barely audible utterance, especially a dissatisfied or irritated one.
a little mutter of disgust
say something in a low or barely audible voice, especially in dissatisfaction or irritation.
he muttered something under his breath
Democrats mutter about the president's secret plan to transform homeland security into a flag-draped campaign issue.
Alan barely had time to mutter a quick ‘Night’, before Jason was gone, leaving Alan more confused than ever.
The guy put his head down and stormed on, his vicious racist rantings now dimmed to a mutter , his hate-filled words completely stripped of any power.
However, as soon as we heard Rosemary's voice I heard Danielle mutter a little ‘uh-oh.’
a little mutter of disgust
I threw the rag down with a soft mutter of disgust, cradling my chin in my trembling hands, my breath coming in short, unhealthy spurts.
‘I'm an entertainer,’ he says, self-effacingly in a low mutter .
An irritable mutter rippled about the round table.
He could barely mutter back a response to any of my statements.
With a mutter or two the chap retreated into a sulk and decided to get on with his reading material.