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mutiny / мятеж, бунт, восстание
имя существительное
rebellion, mutiny, revolt, insurgency, insurrection, riot
revolt, rebellion, riot, mutiny, insurrection
insurrection, uprising, rebellion, revolt, rising, mutiny
поднимать мятеж
имя существительное
an open rebellion against the proper authorities, especially by soldiers or sailors against their officers.
a mutiny by those manning the weapons could trigger a global war
refuse to obey the orders of a person in authority.
Meanwhile, units of the army mutinied , civil war broke out, cities and villages rose in revolt and Afghanistan began to slip away from Moscow's control and influence.
In 1983, he was sent back to the south to quell a mutiny of soldiers.
Britain was finally forced out of India in 1947 after a naval mutiny , demonstrations and strikes.
the crew were on the verge of mutiny
This brought about a mutiny led by a group of officers based in Algeria.
All the fundamental issues that gave rise to both the student-led protest and the military mutiny remain.
Three days after the start of the mutiny , the 75 soldiers surrendered.
But, while his own rebels threaten a mutiny to dwarf the rebellion of last week, he will at least argue that he did attempt to bring the international community along with him.
I don't know if you've got it in your quotes, but I also said at the time, there would be a mutiny in my office, which there was to some degree.
The Philippine government on Tuesday set up a commission to investigate a mutiny by junior military officers and enlisted personnel over the weekend.
Gulliver's own sailors declare a mutiny on his power and tie him up, conspiring against him, making him their prisoner.