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mutilate / калечить, уродовать, увечить
cripple, maim, mangle, mutilate, hamstring, disable
disfigure, mutilate, deform, cripple, deface, uglify
maim, mutilate, lame
inflict a violent and disfiguring injury on.
the leg was badly mutilated
How is it right to encourage people to mutilate their bodies?
There was a moment's pause, a profuse apology, then they resumed their efforts to mutilate the body.
Police also said several of the corpses had their faces badly mutilated from the gunshot wounds.
Although badly mutilated by quarrying, some of the defences can still be traced, especially on the north and north-west sides.
He said the second person killed, whose body was severely mutilated , may have been the man carrying the bomb.
According to the police the face of the slain person was hit with a boulder and it was badly mutilated .
The military rounded up tens of thousands of people, torturing and mutilating many of the prisoners.
Were the images destroyed, desecrated or mutilated because they were potent or impotent?
Just like self - mutilators cannot stop cutting, I couldn't stop starving myself or binging and purging.
David says his aunt and uncle were killed as they tried to escape and their bodies were mutilated .