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mute / немой, безгласный, безмолвный
имя прилагательное
dumb, mute, silent, speechless, voiceless, inarticulate
mute, voiceless, dumb
silent, speechless, mute, voiceless, noiseless, whist
имя существительное
mute, sordino, sourdine, sordine, muffler
mute, damper
extra, supernumerary, figurant, mute, super, walk-on
надевать сурдину
надевать сурдинку
имя прилагательное
refraining from speech or temporarily speechless.
Irene, the talkative one, was now mute
(of a letter) not pronounced.
mute e is generally dropped before suffixes beginning with a vowel
имя существительное
a person without the power of speech.
‘There seems to be an organization of mutes running around this city,’ she noted, sarcastically.
a clamp placed over the bridge of a stringed instrument to deaden the resonance without affecting the vibration of the strings.
a device on a television, telephone, or other appliance that temporarily turns off the sound.
she put the remote on mute
deaden, muffle, or soften the sound of.
her footsteps were muted by the thick carpet
The twenty-three year old man was going through photos, the television on mute as he picked up a magazine.
It is too early to tell if such aggressive measures will mute the violence or stoke it.
Perhaps, accustomed as he was to hearing such queries and taunts by the driver, the conductor remained a mute spectator.
A 12-year-old child prodigy, a writer of westerns, a boxing star, a giant and a bald mute are the eclectic cast of characters who make up this surrealist black comedy.
Tony flicked on the TV too, but kept the sound on mute as he entered the chat room for the scheduled hack.
But many of the faithful, concluding that there is no smoke without fire, are simply averting their gaze in mute despair.
It is easy to imagine the fear and rage and grief of the combatants, harder to see it in the cool press briefings of the leaders who make war and the often mute suffering of the populations who must endure and support it.
I was thereafter keen to attend the classes with my brother, if only as a mute spectator.
We are not here to consider the appeal of mute ruins, the hollowness of reason, the veneer of American order.
And there is a certain humour in the decision to make the heroine a mute , in recognition of the fact, says Ackland, that ‘the heroines of thrillers were invariably dumb’.