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mutant / мутант
имя существительное
mutant, mutation
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
resulting from or showing the effect of mutation.
a mutant gene
имя существительное
a mutant form.
Let me explain that there are bad mutants and good mutants , just like real people.
In 1997, Mitchell proposed a new hypothesis for the bimodal size distribution of mutant colonies.
A relationship between these genes has also been obtained from mutant analysis as well as phylogenetic analysis.
The mutant isolation names are included as a part of the description of mutant phenotypes.
We then compared the double mutant and deletion mutant proteins with the wild type.
However, only for a minority of genes is the function defined by a mutant phenotype.
A classic forward genetics approach relies on the identification of observable mutant phenotypes.
About 40 wild-type and mutant plants were grown on soil in the greenhouse.
mutant gene
HIV replicates rapidly in the human body so any mutant forms of the virus that can escape drugs quickly come to dominate.
In a nutshell, it involves looking at a mutant line and mapping the mutation to a specific gene.