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mutable / изменчивый, переменчивый, непостоянный
имя прилагательное
volatile, changeable, variable, mutable, checkered, fickle
fickle, mutable, shifty, broken, fluky
unstable, impermanent, fickle, changeable, inconstant, mutable
имя прилагательное
liable to change.
the mutable nature of fashion
Their meaning seems overwhelmingly important but mutable , depending on the context.
Living in an ex-colony, I've discovered, means that place-names are highly mutable .
As the questioning continues, it becomes apparent that truth is slippery and mutable .
However, the dynamic, mutable nature of open source often results in complexity.
Everything was mutable : eye color, hair color, skin tone.
That media is mutable and can shift around their environment to meet their wishes and needs.
But all truth isn't mutable , because some things can't be changed.
Meanwhile, mutable interpretation and reaction will always be there.
It is, without doubt, a very exciting, innovative, constantly changing, hugely mutable and malleable tool.
It is, rather, simply a part of the personal developmental experience, formally mutable and changing frequently.