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musty / затхлый, заплесневелый, косный
имя прилагательное
musty, fusty, frowsy, pockety, frowsty, frowzy
moldy, musty, mouldy
inert, stagnant, rigid, corny, musty, mandarin
имя прилагательное
having a stale, moldy, or damp smell.
a dark musty library filled with old books
The musty smell of paper beyond its age filled his lungs.
The next moment, the musty smell of stale tobacco and ancient dust drifted through the darkness, and he half-opened his eyes.
The bungalow was damp with a musty smell but Rod didn't care.
The scent and taste of mace is often described as peppery or musty with an almost mentholated note.
The first sign of corkiness is a musty smell reminiscent of wet cardboard.
The air tasted musty and stale so I hooked the corner of the canvas cover up so the air could flow through.
The argument did not gain stature from its antiquity; that only made it musty and tired.
The inside of the cabin was dark, dank, and smelled musty .
The inside of the cabin was rather gloomy and had a musty , old mouldy smell about it.
He reached the bottom and choked on the dank musty smell that greeted him.