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must-have / должен иметь
имя прилагательное
essential or highly desirable.
the must-have blouse of the season
имя существительное
an essential or highly desirable item.
this classic volume is a must-have for any collector
It's a convenient, must-have tool for every little problem in life.
Save time and money with our quintessential grocery-shopping list of must-have foods.
Others are rolling out must-have offerings that carry higher markups.
A good dinner here for two can cost under $40 before wine, tax and tip, and that even includes one of the must-have desserts.
And tonight, we've got the inside scoop on what must-have technology is out there for your cell phone.
The special brushes are a wonderful almost must-have luxury.
Today, the must-have look is mid-century modern.
A pair of velvet accented pumps is the perfect way to wear this must-have fabric.
The summer sales are in full swing with final discounts aplenty on must-have items.
Apparently, this is a must-have skill for all married women.