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must / должен, надо, нужно
вспомогательный глагол
should, must, have to, be, ought
имя существительное
need, necessity, must, want, call, obligatoriness
must, stum
виноградное сусло
must, stum, maun
быть должным
be to, must, have to, owe, need, be bound to
become moldy, must
имя существительное
something that should not be overlooked or missed.
this video is a must for parents
grape juice before or during fermentation.
mustiness, dampness, or mold.
a pervasive smell of must
the frenzied state of certain male animals, especially elephants or camels, that is associated with the rutting season.
a big old bull elephant in must
be obliged to; should (expressing necessity).
you must show your ID card
expressing an opinion about something that is logically very likely.
there must be something wrong
имя прилагательное
(of a male elephant or camel) in a frenzied state during rutting season.
‘One musth male expressed his displeasure by musth-rumbling every time a minibus departed from the lodge two kilometers [1.2 miles] away,’ Poole said.
used to form adjectives and nouns denoting things that are essential or highly recommended.
a must-visit destination
Charlotte, must you put spanners in the works?
she said she must be going
This is a necessity and you must start doing it now because it is an exam technique.
she said she must be going
you must try some of this fish
a pervasive smell of must
this video is a must for everyone
The risks have been proven so why must non-smokers still be subjected to smoke they don't want to inhale?
I knew something must be wrong when I overtook a second bus with the same number as one I'd already past.
if you must smoke you could at least go in the living room