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muslin / муслин, миткаль
имя существительное
muslin, mousseline
calico, muslin
имя существительное
lightweight cotton cloth in a plain weave.
a white muslin dress
Warm up the stock over a gentle heat, so it liquifies completely, then strain it carefully through muslin or a cotton cloth.
Although early masks were made of muslin or linen, they only redirected exhaled air away from the surgical wound.
She took off the offending dark green velvet dress and changed me into my beautiful white muslin dress with its pale blue sash.
Cover, steep for two hours, then strain through muslin cloth into a suitable watering can or plastic pump-spray bottle.
she folded the dress in layers of clean muslin
Strain the oil through clean muslin or cheesecloth and allow it to cool until it is just warm.
Once this was removed, cold muslin cloths were used to close the pores.
Simply make a bag from a piece of muslin cloth, twenty-five centimetres square, and attach a draw string to close it.
The majority of the collection is in light basic cottons with translucent muslin layers and the occasional use of leather and wool suiting.
The girls took down the curtains and dressed the window with black lace and white muslin , ripped and torn to make it cover a wider area.