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musician / музыкант, композитор, вокалист
имя существительное
musician, instrumentalist, player, music player, harmonist
composer, musician, melodist
vocalist, musician
имя существительное
a person who plays a musical instrument, especially as a profession, or is musically talented.
your father was a fine musician
He was a very talented musician and he was a pleasure to be with in the studio.
In the old days, a talented brass musician would often be given a job at Rowntree's purely to play in the band.
She is a talented singer and musician and she works very hard at it.
He is, without doubt, the most talented musician I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.
Is it time to worry that the respected and talented musician is losing his skills?
your father was a fine musician
Despite the musicianship and meticulous production here, what really carries this album is the raw emotion of the vocals.
Yet his rigorous musicianship and keyboard technique is second to none.
Concert reviews highlighted her extraordinary technique and musicianship .
The pianist was the excellent and musicianly linchpin - he possesses an exciting technique and had a constant ear for his true place in the ensemble.