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musical / музыкальный, мелодичный
имя прилагательное
musical, melodious, philharmonic
melodic, melodious, tuneful, musical, sweet, harmonious
имя существительное
музыкальный фильм
музыкальная комедия
musical comedy, musical
имя прилагательное
of or relating to music.
they shared similar musical tastes
having a pleasant sound; melodious; tuneful.
they burst out into rich, musical laughter
имя существительное
a play or movie in which singing and dancing play an essential part. Musicals developed from light opera in the early 20th century.
The repertoire will not be too taxing and will vary from musicals , light opera and more formal pieces.
It becomes frustratingly obvious as the record plays, however, that the musical accompaniment is designed to be just that.
As a theorist he was influential in the codification of sonata form and other musical structures.
She can no longer play the piano to provide musical accompaniment to the choirs.
The system finds people with musical tastes similar to yours, and starts playing music from their collection.
This year's Christmas lights switch-on promises to be a extravaganza with fairground rides, a street fair and musical entertainment.
The selections run the gamut from folk song through musical theatre to grand opera.
He, too, was totally aware of the emotional content of each song and cut his musical cloth accordingly while accompanying with true artistry.
Contemporary dancers will perform with live musical accompaniment comprising natuvangam, mridangam, veena and nadaswaram.
She called Snowbell and the horse came at the sound of her musical voice.
They take it in turns to be in the groups - usually six or eight at a time, and there are four or so able musical accompanists - not more than two playing at once.