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mush / кашица, слащавость, помехи
имя существительное
gruel, paste, mush, pulp, squash, pap
mush, rosewater, treacle
interference, stray, mush
путешествовать с собаками
имя существительное
a soft, wet, pulpy mass.
red lentils cook quickly and soon turn to mush
feeble or cloying sentimentality.
the film's not just romantic mush
a journey across snow with a dogsled.
a twelve-day mush
reduce (a substance) to a soft, wet, pulpy mass.
simmer until the apples and potatoes are tender but not mushed
go on a journey across snow with a dogsled.
by the end of winter he will have snowshoed up to 700 miles and mushed about the same
a command urging on dogs pulling a sled during a journey across snow.
the film's not just romantic mush
They are sitting, in sweltering silence, in a drab Fifties dining room, contemplating plastic tubs of brown mush - a bottle of red wine providing the only festive touch.
It's a sticky situation, alright: how do you make a funny, feel-good holiday movie that doesn't fall into the trap of turning into sentimental mush as soon as things start to get good?
The following month, she learned to mush dogs, and fell in love with the practice.
I see the autumn harvests, frozen into black knots in the trees, the berries and fruit, left rotting on the floor and then all mush turned to ice on hard ground.
How much longer until I'm no longer forced to eat mush ?
In the camp's acute ward, a young man lies chained to his bed, being fed protein-and-vitamin mush through a stomach tube inserted via a nostril.
red lentils cook quickly and soon turn to mush
They aren't to be confused with that Cream of Wheat mush .
If you like polenta - that creamy, golden, northern Italian mush - then you have a choice of slow or fast polenta.