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musette / мюзет, волынка, пасторальная мелодия
имя существительное
bagpipes, bagpipe, dawdling, pipes, delay, musette
пасторальная мелодия
имя существительное
a kind of small bagpipe played with bellows, common in the French court in the 17th–18th centuries and in later folk music.
To make matters worse, ‘musette’ was also given to the bagpipe musette de cour, amongst others.
a small knapsack.
As we prepared for the day's march, my head felt a bit sore from some hard object in my musette bag .
The second became the desire to do the same thing for all five oboes from musette to bass.
To make matters worse, ‘musette’ was also given to the bagpipe musette de cour, amongst others.
Examples of bellows-blown bagpipes include the Northumbrian small-pipes, the Scottish Lowland or Border bagpipe, the Irish uillean bagpipe, the musette , and the dudy.
The piccolo oboe or musette used to be a bagpipe chanter and was very popular at the time of Marie-Antoinette at the French Court in Versailles.
The highly acclaimed six-piece ensemble fuses the wild gypsy rhythms of eastern Europe with hot club swing and jazz, audaciously combining Hungarian, Russian and Romanian gypsy styles with tango, swing, klezmer and French musette .
The trio bring their mastery of flute, bouzouki and accordion to bear on traditions as diverse as musette and klezmer, reminding us of the common threads that run through music the world over.
Their music was a mix of jazz, French musette , flamenco, and east European styles.
The racist suspicions of the French toward Mediterraneans underlay the eventual ironic triumph of Italian accordion music as the defining Parisian sound of hal musette .
Following a wave of immigration from the rural French Auvergne region to Paris, the hicks from the sticks brought with them the musette dance - named after an early precursor to the accordion that was central to the music.
A jazz outing with the feel of many genres - klezmer, tango and musette - this is a true world music played by a quintet of reeds, accordion, violin, trombone (doubling on tuba) and drums.