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muscly / muscly
имя прилагательное
his muscly forearms
To my right is the smaller young muscly man who now also keeps trying to attract my attention but I'm claustrophobic and I just want out of there but for some reason I'm stuck to my seat.
A large, well-built man, he sat opposite me, flanked by a muscly guy in a white military uniform, who introduced himself as Abraham's personal bodyguard.
He was wearing black pants and a green vest that emphasised his muscly physique.
Then it flapped its muscly tail with such power and rage that it cut my thumb and I dropped it.
His arms looked really nice, not too muscly , not too limp, but I couldn't really tell too much with the rest of his body because it was covered by clothes.
I'm comfortable being a short, stocky person if it's one that's muscly - what I'm not comfortable with is my current pot belly, extra-padded hips, and padded thighs.
But undeterred she went and prodded the man's massive, muscly arm.
It was a muscly speech, showing the highest arts of winning an audience.
Now that I have reached my preferred weight, I want to get muscly by this summer.
There's a rugged authority and potent physical presence in his performance, underlined by several gratuitous shots of his muscly torso encased in skin tight black boxer shorts or naked in the shower.