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murky / темный, мрачный, пасмурный
имя прилагательное
dark, obscure, deep, black, murky, shadowy
gloomy, dark, grim, bleak, dismal, murky
dull, gray, murky, grey
имя прилагательное
dark and gloomy, especially due to thick mist.
the sky was murky and a thin drizzle was falling
Look out for the wooden houses on stilts along the riverbank, in which many families still live, using the murky water of the Chao Praya for everything from drinking to washing.
The sun still shone but somehow it seemed murky and dulled.
A piece of York's murky past emerged from the depths, when workers on the Ouse came across an old barrow in the river.
When the dead leaves rustle, the wind rattles the skeletons of trees, and ragged clouds scud across a murky moon, there's an ominous frisson in the air.
He was immersed in the dark murky water, surrounded with all types of sea creatures.
The view from here is not as dark and murky as it was when I gripped the door handle of my car, practically paralyzed with fear and horror.
With the steamers serving alcohol at the well-stocked bar and the paddles churning through the murky waters, many travellers were happy to stay on board.
These and other questions quiver in an atmosphere ever more murky with suspicion, doubt and fear.
Contacts from the resistance led me into the morally murky world of international weapons sales.
It wasn't dark, just the murky light you get from storm clouds.