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murderous / убийственный, смертоносный, кровавый
имя прилагательное
murderous, suicidal, deadly, killing, damning, homicidal
deadly, lethal, murderous, killing, homicidal, pestilent
bloody, murderous, sanguinary, sanguineous
имя прилагательное
capable of or intending to murder; dangerously violent.
a brutal and murderous despot
This is a murderous organisation which seeks impossible objectives by the most violent of means.
If I ever snap and go on a murderous killing spree, it'll be because of this guy.
This new book usefully reminds us why that was, and just how vicious, corrupt and murderous the pre-1949 regime was.
Frank Horrigan pursues every clue, every scrap of evidence as he fights to pin down Leary and foil his murderous plan.
But this bombing felt different: more vicious, hateful, crude, and murderous .
The longer his thoughts dwelt on the matter, the more murderous they grew.
Well, we certainly will be mentioning the war - with its deceit, greed and murderous barbarity.
Determined to avenge her, Marv pursues a violent, murderous course that takes him to the heart of the city's power structure, and seals his fate.
The sun's rays were murderous ; of course no one around me noticed, they were all so wrapped up in the game.
Il Tabarro was a subtitled drama about forbidden love and murderous jealousy.