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municipality / муниципалитет, город, имеющий самоуправление
имя существительное
municipality, town council, municipal corporation
город, имеющий самоуправление
municipality, municipal borough, corporate town
имя существительное
a city or town that has corporate status and local government.
In other words, it was hands-off to the province and certainly to the cities, towns and rural municipalities .
He said Chetty would be sorely missed by the municipality and the town.
voters in each municipality choose between four candidates
The most important are the title deeds and, if the property is in a town, a building permit from the municipality .
Many of them said they had received letters from the municipality informing them of the eviction plan.
Oshawa was a separate municipality adjacent to the County of Ontario.
The various activities organised by the municipality of Bangalore made city life exuberant and lively.
This year, the elections will be held in four regencies and one municipality in West Java.
There are also four golf clubs in the municipality and temperatures at this time of year make a round of the fairways very pleasant.
They would be allowed to vote in elections for municipal assembly members and the head of the municipality they live in.
The municipality has asked us to water gardens and wash cars with buckets rather than hoses.