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munch / жевать, чавкать
chew, munch, masticate, chaw
slurp, chomp, champ, munch, chaw
eat (something) with a continuous and often audible action of the jaws.
he munched a chicken wing
popcorn to munch on while watching the movie
Summer is the time when local fields are groaning with fresh strawberries and visitors can munch their way around the strawberry patches.
The best way to test a chilli for strength is to munch a bit before cooking.
It becomes an addiction - you can quite happily sit there and munch your way through a whole loaf.
It was uncomplicated to prepare and surprising toothsome to a die-hard meat muncher .
An eight-year-old bounced up with her squash and munching a biscuit during the break.
And so, as crunchy pizza was munched and enjoyed, and meal-time books read, the episode passed.
Lily made herself a sandwich for dinner and munched the remaining slice of bread.
There are 3,000 red deer on the Black Mount and, as in the rest of Scotland, they must be culled regularly if they are not to cause serious environmental damage: deer, voracious munchers , strip the land bare.
We sat in the window, munching croissants and sipping scalding hot coffee, watching the world go by.