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mummy / мумия, мама, мягкая бесформенная масса
имя существительное
mother, mom, mum, mama, mamma, mummy
мягкая бесформенная масса
mummy, pulp
имя существительное
(especially in ancient Egypt) a body of a human being or animal that has been ceremonially preserved by removal of the internal organs, treatment with natron and resin, and wrapping in bandages.
The Tutankhamun CT scan project was only the first step in a five-year endeavor to scan and preserve the ancient mummies of Egypt, many of which are crumbling.
Who doesn't love a good mummy - those lumbering creatures that will chase you tirelessly?
he loves his mummy
The ceremony ‘opening of the mouth’ was carried out by priests on both the mummy and the mummy case in order to prepare the deceased for the journey to the afterworld.
One of my greatest memories is when a four-year-old autistic child who had only ever uttered isolated words suddenly said ‘I love you mummy , I love you daddy’.
‘I loved being a mummy but that has been taken away from me,’ she said.
A message, one of many at the roadside shrine, read: ‘We miss you lots, we will love you for ever, love mummy and daddy.’
The mummy is associated with the legends of Egypt, but archaeologists have excavated preserved human remains the world over.
One theory suggests that examination of his mummy revealed a wound near his left ear, which would have caused a cerebral haemorrhage.
We asked them to draw a picture of their mummy for a Mother's Day card.
May your mummy still love you when you dye your hair green.