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mummify / мумифицировать, превращаться в мумию, ссыхаться
превращаться в мумию
shrivel, mummify
(especially in ancient Egypt) preserve (a body) by embalming it and wrapping it in cloth.
the mummified bodies entombed in the pyramids of Egypt
A highly effective desiccator, this mineral - in the form of a paste called natron - was one of the ingredients used by ancient Egyptians to mummify their queens and kings.
This fungus causes fruit to shrivel and mummify .
The pharaohs were mummified using plants, herbs, spices, and minerals.
I found Fiedler's body first - the pilot no longer looked drowned, but rather mummified , desiccated, as if by a hundred years of desert winds.
The catacombs date back to the 1599 when the local priests mummified a holy monk for all to see.
Followers of the goddess Bast, the goddess of pleasure, created sanctuaries with bronze statues of cats and mummified hundreds of thousands of cats.
He, therefore, knew very well that his body would be mummified like those of his predecessors whose royal relics he had looked after.
When a Sapa Inca died his body was mummified and thereafter became the focus of a cult.
The Site of Apis is famous for the sacred animal of god Ptah, the Apis bull that was mummified here prior to its being buried.
The team has concluded - based on the identification of at least five different types of embalming material - that great care was taken in the mummification of this king.