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mumble / бормотать, заплетаться, бурчать
mumble, mutter, murmur, babble, burble, gibber
totter, mumble, stagger
mutter, grumble, mumble, bubble
имя существительное
muttering, mumbling, murmuring, mutter, mumble, babble
имя существительное
a quiet and indistinct utterance.
Rosie had replied in a mumble
say something indistinctly and quietly, making it difficult for others to hear.
he mumbled something she didn't catch
bite or chew with toothless gums or eat without making much use of the teeth.
Rosie had replied in a mumble
They were answered by a faint mumble from beside him.
‘I love him,’ Lily repeated, though her voice was little more than a mumble .
She heard him mumble something indistinct, and he tried to spit at her, but his aim left a lot to be desired.
If you can't hum quietly, then mumble loudly these wallopy words under your breath.
His speech is something between a muffle and a mumble , a perpetual whisper beneath the breath.
Jeff just shook his bald head and looked down with a mumble .
Embarrassed, all he could manage was mumble an incoherent reply.
I mumble a noncommittal reply and decide not to mention the TV series I present.
His speech is a mumble , his face immobile, his gait unsteady.