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multitudinous / многочисленный, обширный
имя прилагательное
numerous, large, multiple, vast, multitudinous, umpteen
extensive, vast, large, broad, wide, multitudinous
имя прилагательное
very numerous.
the tinkling of multitudinous bells from the herd
In this regard, I can no longer, for example, sit with a poor family hovering along the poverty line without being mindful of the multitudinous ways in which class oppression can fracture the relationships of those affected.
Probing the images by which we construct our world, he has managed to make the multitudinous and chaotic, if not completely comprehensible, then at least approachable.
And when it does happen, the job is unusual enough to make it stand out from the multitudinous throngs of films of this genre.
When one adds the difficulty of gender performativity to the multitudinous difficulties surrounding arguments about ‘race,’ Catherine's dilemma becomes clearer.
When light penetrates the glass they fill the space with multitudinous hues, bright, clear and calm.
Many people would rather take a pill than lose weight, exercise, stop smoking, or perform any of the multitudinous activities that could improve health.
This uncertainty and ambiguity attracts people and offers multitudinous aesthetic associations.
The variations in our bodies are multitudinous and I find our differences quite glorious!
The multitudinous facets of Christmas, that season of hope but also that season of unbearable loneliness for so many of New York's internal exiles, are captured memorably here in Didion's painfully accurate prose.
As Darwin's theory made clear, these multitudinous forms developed as a result of small changes in offspring and natural selection of those that were better adapted to their environment.