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multistage / многоступенчатый, многокамерный, многоэтажный
имя прилагательное
multistage, many-stage
multistorey, multistory, multistage, high-rise
имя прилагательное
consisting of or relating to several stages or processes.
a multistage decision-making process
An assessment of the cost of life on the basis of the justified risk concept is a multistage two-way process.
We are witnessing, in essence, a multistage evolutionary fight.
The subjective and objective yield indications are combined in a multistage process employing statistical and judgmental techniques.
Sociolegal scholars have conceived of claiming as a multistage process.
The composition of the aplites suggests a multistage evolution that involved plagioclase-dominated fractionation of a fugitive melt batch.
We give a brief review of the multistage and multimechanism process of cancer in a tissue that involves not only genotoxic but also epigenetic events, and the importance of stem and progenitor cells in the development of cancer.
Probability sampling of household youth was accomplished through a multistage sampling design in which the first stage was the random selection of face-blocks.
Respondents for the present study were chosen according to a stratified, multistage sampling procedure first involving the selection of households and then the selection within each household of an individual to be interviewed.
After World War I, Oberth studied physics at the University of Munich, where he realized that the key to space travel was the development of multistage rockets.
Sandstones frequently possess multistage histories involving several cycles of deposition and redeposition.