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multiracial / многорасовый
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
made up of or relating to people of several or many races.
multiracial education
London is a cosmopolitan city with a multitude of cultures stemming from its multiracial population.
At the same time, how will the growing number of multiracial kids change our definitions of race?
In our multiracial society, it is an oversimplification to treat the inequality of income and wealth as a racial problem.
Her response has been to write the Africa she knows, which is multiracial , multicultural, and complex.
I am very lucky, I never felt really different being a fat girl with multiracial brothers and immigrant adoptive parents.
It was the first time the census included multiracial options.
He considers it a virtue that America is a multiracial society.
When this team won the last World Cup, just before Bastille Day in 1998, they seemed the perfect advertisement for a multiracial France.
The crowd, which is multiracial , ranges from white men with shaved heads to Bangladeshis with gold-capped teeth.
TransAfrica played a leading role in the worldwide campaign to turn South Africa into a multiracial democracy.