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multiply / умножить, размножаться, умножать
multiply, increase
multiply, propagate, reproduce, breed, spawn, pullulate
obtain from (a number) another that contains the first number a specified number of times.
I asked you to multiply fourteen by nineteen
in several different ways or respects.
multiply injured patients
Small testes and large accessory glands characterize species with singly mated queens, whereas the opposite is found in species with multiply mated queens.
When cooked rice is left in less than ideal conditions for four or five hours or overnight, spores are released and the bacteria multiply dangerously.
we all know how to multiply by ten
One of them is the canonical method: we multiply the numbers mentioned that divide the number sought by each other; we add one to the product; this is the number sought.
The way most people learn to multiply large numbers looks something like this.
Parenteral transmission through blood and blood products is clearly evidenced by the higher detection rates among multiply transfused individuals.
In one year, two rats can produce as many as one thousand offspring and in eight months a group of twenty mice can multiply to two thousand.
My head tells me that I am teaching an inaccurate mathematical concept when I tell children that the quick way to multiply a whole number by 10 is to add a zero to the right-hand end.
we all know how to multiply by ten
If they choose the latter course, their stock of sheep will multiply (because of natural reproduction).