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multiplicity / множество, разнообразие, многочисленность
имя существительное
multiplicity, plurality, variety, multitude, plenty, host
diversity, variety, diversification, multiplicity, change, relief
multiplicity, number
complexity, complication, intricacy, complicacy, multiplicity, delicacy
имя существительное
a large number.
his climbing record lists a multiplicity of ascents
There is a multiplicity of things that could be said about this town.
In a multiplicity of other ways too he is a driving force, the man of so many parts that seemingly everyone is in demand of him almost on a daily basis.
Currently, local police forces have to address a multiplicity of demands on their resources.
the demand for higher education depends on a multiplicity of factors
The family, then, is not a naturally occurring fixed phenomenon but a concept which is constructed in a multiplicity of ways and for a variety of purposes.
It is this multiplicity of choices that drives a consumer society.
The world is now turning towards India because such multiplicity of cultures is not found anywhere else.
It has a multiplicity of meanings, as I hope has become clear.
Having the Web's multiplicity of information at our fingertips empowers and diminishes us.
However, the biological significance of this multiplicity of enzymes remains unclear.