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multiplicative / мультипликативный
  • multiplicative group - мультипликативная группа
имя существительное
subject to or of the nature of multiplication.
coronary risk factors are multiplicative
Smoking and asthma had additive but not multiplicative effects on decline.
For example, the linear model, multiplicative model, Poisson model, and negative binomial model have been used in modelling traffic accidents.
The multiplier of the hazard rate is the independent multiplicative effect of a variable on what a rate would have been otherwise.
Consistent with our hypothesis, variables were created reflecting multiplicative interactions between harassment or abuse and personality characteristics.
In a statistical sense, therefore, the multiplicative model signifies independent additive effects on a logarithmic scale.
The genetics of period-altering alleles is perhaps best described by a multiplicative interaction, where each allele changes the period of the genetic background by a fixed percentage.
Those who live abroad sometimes have a tendency to give a measly sum, say $50, thinking of the multiplicative factor of the exchange rate.
This suggests that pollen viability corresponds more closely to the exponential quadratic model than to either the additive or the multiplicative model.
This may mean that loci affecting these traits combine in a way that is more nearly multiplicative than additive.
The formula was designed to be multiplicative rather than additive because the panel theorized that, if any of these factors were negligible or not applicable at all, the risk would then be negligible.