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multiplex / сложный, многократный, составной
имя прилагательное
complex, complicated, sophisticated, compound, intricate, multiplex
multiple, multifold, frequentative, multiplex
composite, compound, component, constituent, complex, multiplex
имя прилагательное
consisting of many elements in a complex relationship.
multiplex ties of work and friendship
имя существительное
a system or signal involving simultaneous transmission of several messages along a single channel of communication.
Are you running into a lot of constraints among operators who are devoting digital bandwidth to multiplexes and additional pay-per-view channels?
a movie theater with several separate screens.
Not only are such outlets the necessary gateways into the riches of world cinema and film history, they also balance the multiplexes and boutique art-house cinemas that so dominate the film landscape in any country.
incorporate into a multiplex signal or system.
An internal pattern calibration circuit is multiplexed to the first signal and used for generating a plurality of second parameters for calibration of close loop.
Local attractions include four yacht clubs, two tennis clubs, a number of golf courses, two shopping centres, a new theatre and a new multiplex cinema at the Pavilion.
The first is the use of multiplex phone lines in urban areas (this means that Telkom have put 26 people on the same line).
The new multiplex wiring system allows for a whole range of standard features usually left to the extra cost list.
The local digital radio multiplex , called NOWdigital, is made up of several digital radio stations, but it cannot operate until France and Belgium join other countries in giving the go-ahead.
A previous plan for a double fronted ‘mirror’ building with a multiplex cinema, a family entertainments centre and a pub-restaurant, has been on the shelf since it was approved six years ago.
The multiplex would screen movies at short intervals with digital projectors.
Leisure development continues to grow in importance in the retail market, be it as a focal point of new retail projects or in the form of multiplex cinemas and theme parks.
Utilizing these properties, multiplex cable, a new secondary and service-drop multiple conductor, was developed.
Well allocate not multiplexes but channel space within the multiplex .
It is languid, thought provoking and compulsively interesting, but, much like its poster, it won't be the most exciting film at the multiplex .