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multiple-choice / предоставляющий возможность выбора
имя прилагательное
предоставляющий возможность выбора
имя прилагательное
(of a question on a test) accompanied by several possible answers from which the candidate must try to choose the correct one.
You will be asked to complete an online registration form and launch a tutorial which involves correctly answering some multiple-choice questions.
The question paper will consist of multiple-choice questions in Physics, Mathematics and Basics of Astronomy.
The first set of 25 multiple-choice questions must be completed in 30 minutes.
Self-assessment tasks and multiple-choice questions are built into each lesson to measure the students' level of understanding.
The multiple-choice questions do not give the opportunity for the student to convey his mastery on the subject.
The Basic Skills Tests in the primary and junior secondary years employ multiple-choice questions.
Typically they involve multiple-choice questions with no right or wrong answers, but the results mean little without proper interpretation.
They had to choose from a list of multiple-choice questions, which creates debate amongst the group about these issues.
For the first eleven multiple-choice questions, icons were paired with each answer.
After answering a series of multiple-choice questions, he got a return phone call saying he had been selected to participate on the program.
And to finish up the course, all students must take a 40-question multiple-choice exam.