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multiphase / многофазный
имя прилагательное
multiphase, polyphase
имя прилагательное
in, of, or relating to more than one phase.
The outer hydration shell of proteins can be considered in this region as a multiphase system at the first approximation, with phases of different ‘freezing points’.
The initiative was established in March 1994 as a multiphase project investigating the effect of the health care environment on the safety and quality of patient care.
The S receiver is driven on the basis of first multiphase clocks and receives strobe signals.
It also includes tools to handle complicated multiphase workflows and supports a variety of land development projects.
This drives the requirement for a multiphase data model approach.
Similarly, imaging of dense slurries and multiphase flows is not yet within practical reach because of the many interfaces of these systems.
This multiphase rifting led to the formation of distinct structural domains along the passive margin.
The company will be able to design circuits with clock speeds of up to 10 GHz by using the multiphase clock generator.
An iterative inverse method has been also applied to multiphase tectonics to separate several superimposed tectonic events.
When the generator GN is driven to rotate at a predetermined rotational speed, a counter electromotive force arises in a multiphase phase coil of the generator GN.
If a radiologist with special training in gastrointestinal radiology is available, multiphase barium upper gastrointestinal studies are an acceptable alternative.