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multinational / многонациональный
имя прилагательное
multinational, cosmopolite
имя прилагательное
including or involving several countries or individuals of several nationalities.
1,500 troops were sent to join the multinational force
имя существительное
a company operating in several countries.
Ireland's drinks market is dominated by the multinationals but one smaller operation is making inroads.
A global system implies the emergence of multinational companies which operate in a number of states, and which own especial loyalty to no one state.
They can accommodate the individual, the small business, and the multinational corporation.
Account holders vary as well, from individuals through to multinational enterprises and governments.
Primary producers in all regions of the world would lose as prices are forced down by multinational traders.
After all, that's a typical age for a CEO of a large, multinational organization.
The imperial state operates in synergy with its multinational corporations.
Right now multinational business enjoys a relatively borderless world.
Recent surveys showed that a majority of the electorate opposed Japanese participation in the multinational force.
The problem is when multinational corporations are able to operate transnationally without the democratic social controls that operate at national levels.
If the United States continues to enter conflicts as a partner of a multinational force, it will have to observe international laws.