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multimillion / многомиллионный
имя прилагательное
costing or involving several million units of a currency.
a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign
Lo and behold, some multimillion dollar settlement, so to speak, transpired and all of a sudden, the victim was unwilling to testify.
Now thanks to a multimillion dollar bailout from State and Federal governments, the airline can fly limited services while it seeks a new owner and future.
Well Hurricane Charley tore a path of destruction right through the heart of Florida's multimillion dollar citrus industry.
Concerns have been expressed in relation to a proposed multimillion pound residential and commercial development for the Crobally area of Tramore.
Hundreds of fishermen from across the Mid West will be back on the water tomorrow for the opening day of the State's multimillion dollar rock lobster fishing season.
The company has since raised €15 million in funding and has won several multimillion euro contracts.
The seizure came after another multimillion dollar haul by French authorities in international waters off Trinidad on Saturday.
The investigation of mutual fund misconduct today resulted in a multimillion dollar settlement with one of Wall Street's top firms.
The committee also found another multimillion building in the area that is being renovated prior to being sold to a local businessman.
So much for the multimillion dollar advertising campaign.